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   If you didn't succeed in the riding evaluation, all that happened was that you were unable to meet the standard of proficiency called for at that moment during the evaluation.

This can happen for many reasons, and it doesn't mean you haven't learned a LOT about riding a motorcycle. Yes, you had an unsuccesful attempt, but failure only happens when there is no real possibility of the chance to make another attempt. If you participated in the riding evaluation, then you had already demonstrated at least once or twice earlier in the class a level of skill that would be acceptable in the evaluation.

From this point, be sure to preserve the opportunity for future success:
  • Communicate with the site coordinator for your class and inform them immediately of your unsuccessful result, and find out what options they are able to offer at this point.

  • If you feel comfortable and have the opportunity to, continue to practice the skills you were introduced to in the class. If you don't have a motorcycle to practice with, spend time visualizing how you did the exercises: see yourself doing them successfully, and feeling more relaxed as you do them.

Keep in mind that while you may not be happy about needing more time to reach your goal, you can still succeed by persevering. If your will to become a rider is strong, you will do whatever it takes to learn the skills necessary to pass the riding evaluation. And when you do eventually succeed, I'll bet you will have that much more feeling of accomplishment and pride in the fact that you met your goal.

When it comes time for your re-evaluation, keep a positive attitude. You don't have to be perfect, you just need to trust your training that you got in the class, and do it the way you were practicing when your RiderCoach said "good!" or gave you a thumbs up in practice.