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How Countersteering Works
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Female riders have played an important role in history. Here's an example, explained to me by a fellow who was there to see it firsthand:

During World War two in the Battle of Britain, the RAF discovered a major problem with the Spitfire-- if the pilot pushed the nose down hard and created negative G's, the engine would splutter badly, and in some cases completely stall out. This was a BIG problem, and needed to be solved immediately.

It turned out that the engineer at that time responsible for fuel systems in aircraft was a woman named Beatrice Shilling. She realized that because the carburretted design relied on gravity to correctly control fuel flow to the engine, there had to be a better way to control fuel flow to solve the problem. She understood the problem well because she was also a motorcyclist, and was very familiar with how the float valve is supposed to work in a carbuerator.

She immediately set about solving the problem by designing a restrictor plate to stop the engine from flooding, which was indeed the cause of the problem. My friend said it was a sight to behold as she came up to one mechanic's depot after another on her motorcycle, dressed in leathers, and began to teach them how to retrofit the Spitfires and save England.

Female riders have made very important contributions to progress and freedom in the world.