Disclaimer: While I make every attempt to provide this information in a timely and accurate manner, I cannot ensure all data is accurate at all times. Use of this data is on an as-is basis, and no warranty is implied in making it available to any who might choose to use it at their own risk.
14-Hour Short Span chart
Normal 3-day chart
2-Week History chart
1-Month History chart
3-Month History chart
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I created these charts to present the data in a concurrent form, so that time is represented in a single horizontal vector of just one image, and the interaction of the different variables can be compared directly along the vertical axis. Many commercially made programs show the data components separately, and they must be overlaid in the mind, which is nearly impossible for some people to do. Other features in some of the charts include:
  1. A floating temperature range scale, intended to position the temperature and dewpoint data plots favorably within the chart.
  2. A comfort level indicator on the 60 degree mark when humidity is high
  3. A freezing point line
  4. A descending secondary blue temperature line to indicate the effects of wind chill
  5. Sunrise (yellow) and Sunset (red) times indicated by a dashed line on the 3-day chart.
These are not fixed features, but are intended to only appear when the feature has relevance. Thus, the red 60 degree mark will only show when the plot indicates uncomfortably humid conditions. The wind chill is not usually visible when the temperature is over 60 degrees.
  • Station Equipment: LaCrosse WS-2315, AMD 1.5Ghz, Win98, APC UPS for power redundancy.
  • Graphing software: Written by KA1IOR using PERL, and employing the FLY program for painting the image.
  • This chart is normally updated on 20 minute intervals, but I put it to 5 minutes when regional conditions warrant,
    such as during storm events. The page is pre-set to refresh at 5 minute intervals. All times shown in chart are UTC.