"When education is rigorous and vital, its most important outcome is knowing how to learn. Modeled by effective teachers and practiced by effective students, knowing how to learn becomes a collaborative endeavor. It leads students to develop a sense of mastery, confidence, and hope." -Chapter 1, Mass. Curriculum Frameworks

The Suspenders Juggling School Educational Program offers students and teachers an unique opportunity to discover and re-discover insight into their ways of learning and teaching. While juggling may seem to be only an experiential form of play, it sets into motion the ideas of pattern, rhythm, structure, problem solving, and goal setting.
It is an extremely efficient and effective learning tool because it offers instantaneous feedback to experimentation, is blind to gender and ethnic origins, and offers unlimited room for continued lifelong learning. It has physiologically balancing benefits and is also a non-competitive activity. Juggling applauds recognition of diversity, and stimulates creativity.
Here are the three conclusions outlined by the drafters of the Common Core of Learning and the Curriculum Frameworks:

1. Meaningful learning involves questioning, invention, discovery, and the hard work necessary to bring ideas to fruition. 

Many juggling students immediately ask for help and seek additional variations of juggling patterns and combinations. Juggling has been around for thousands of years, and new patterns and skills are still being developed and discovered even as you read this. If you have ever tried to juggle yourself, you already know firsthand that it takes hard work.

2. Lifelong learners have the capacity to develop practical skills, wisdom, compassion, and intellectual breadth from a variety of experiences in and outside of school throughout their lives. 

Because juggling has an excellent potential for becoming a lifelong activity, the opportunity for development and reinforcement of these attributes is enhanced. We also see benefits in improved peer relations because juggling can be practiced in a collaborative manner. 

3. In addition to teaching facts, concepts, and skills, educators must consciously ensure that each and every student develops the habits of mind, or ways of thinking and behaving, that support and inspire lifelong learning.

The best teachers inspire us by showing a willingness to explore creative approaches to the educational experience. We believe that our program can provide that opportunity for students and teachers today. Having said all this, there is one other merit to this program: It's FUN!

We encourage you to schedule us early to ensure availability of this exciting new program for students grades 3-12. For more information contact us:

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